Assessments usually take about two (2) hours.

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Assessment is the process of identifying strengths and liabilities and determining which services are most appropriate. It is the first step in the therapeutic process and occurs throughout the therapeutic process as things change. An assessment can have a broad, general scope or can be focused on a specific concern. Assessment tells us where you are so we can figure out where to go next.



This type of assessment will help determine the presence and extent of a drug or alcohol problem as well as the appropriate type of treatment if a drug or alcohol problem is identified. This is the first step for someone seeking help with drug or alcohol use. Some people find this assessment useful when they are dealing with legal, employment, or family/custody issues that involve substance abuse or accusations of substance abuse.


$160 or $175 depending on date of offense

This is the assessment that is required for anyone who has lost their driver’s license due to a driving related alcohol or drug offense (DUI, APC, possession, etc.). It is a specialized drug and alcohol assessment that meets the requirements of the state. This is the first step in the process to get the red stamp that is required for driver’s license reinstatement.