Individual therapy is all about you and your evolution. This is you and me meeting together with no one else in the room, no cell phones going off, no music or video playing in the background, and no agenda other than us working on the task of you being the person you want to be. This is where the most laser focused work happens.


$50/group session

Group therapy is the beauty of community. It gives you the chance to sit in a circle with other people who are trying to evolve into the people they want to be just like you are and share strengths and weaknesses, victories and defeats. In group therapy, anyone and everyone can be the expert, teacher, advisor, and source of support. Some people think they are too shy or too anxious to interact in a group setting. Try not to worry about that. You can just show up and listen to other people. One of the amazing things about group therapy is that you can get a lot out of the experience without ever speaking a word. Group therapy is where you get to experience one of the best forms of social interaction.



Couples therapy is two individuals evolving into an unstoppable team. It is you and your partner getting to know each other inside and out, identifying who and where you want to be together, and doing the work to become that and get there. There is not much better than two people who genuinely want to be together and who make each other better than they could ever be alone. This is the end goal of couples therapy.


$160 - usually takes about two hours

Assessment is the process of identifying strengths and liabilities and determining which services are most appropriate. It is the first step in the therapeutic process and occurs throughout the therapeutic process as things change. An assessment can have a broad, general scope or can be focused on a specific concern. As a specialty service, I am able to complete drug and alcohol assessments and make associated recommendations that will satisfy the court or an employer. Assessment tells us where you are so we can figure out where to go next.



Licensure supervision is the honor of passing on wisdom, knowledge, and experience and the privilege of learning from someone who is seasoned in the art and science of therapy. I provide licensure supervision for LPC and LADC/CADC candidates. My goal as a supervisor is to help you evolve into the therapist YOU can and should be based on YOUR strengths, style, and preferences.


Consistency is important for optimal results. Therefore, discounts are offered to those who commit and pay for a month of services at a time.

$250 per month - up to one, one-hour individual or couples session per week

$150 per month - up to one, one-hour individual or couples session every other week

Fees are due on the first of each month for discounts to apply.