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Perhaps the most well-known and talked about way to improve your mental health is through counseling services. For a long time, talking with a therapist was considered taboo and reserved for everyone but yourself. This is no longer the case. Countless people from celebrities, to professional athletes, to politicians, and even your neighbor are changing the conversation around mental health and counseling services.

Importance of Counseling

At Evolution Mental Health, whatever type of counseling services you are looking for, you will find. We offer:


  • Individual services
  • Group sessions
  • Couples counseling
  • Children services


We also specialize in different areas:


  • Addiction
  • PTSD
  • Behavioral Therapy
South Tulsa Counseling
South Tulsa Counseling

We believe that a healthy mental state is key to personal success. Talking with a professional firstly, gives you a safe place to explore your thoughts and emotions. Secondly, it helps us to understand them. Your therapist can give you insight into why you may feel a certain way, or how you can stop a negative train of thought and change its course. Finally, therapy gives us power. Society used to view needing a therapist as being weak, when in fact, it is the complete opposite. Once you realize that going to therapy and counseling services gives you power, you will be unstoppable.


Evolution Mental Health offers a wide range of services for both our patients and our partners in the mental health professional industry. If you’ve lost your license due to a substance related issue, we offer assessments that allow you to take the first step to getting back on the road. Have a corporate need for mental health services? We love working with companies and organizations to ensure that you and your employees are healthy and succeed together.


The world is changing its view on mental health and counseling services. Take your power back and being your counseling journey today.

South Tulsa Counseling Services

We offer several different types of counseling services.

South Tulsa Counseling


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Individual therapy is focused solely on you and your personal evolution. In individual therapy sessions, we will work together to help you become the person you want to be. By meeting together without outside distractions, we will be able to dedicate our time and energy to your personal goals. Many new clients find individual therapy to be the least intimidating and most rewarding way to connect.

South Tulsa Couples Therapy - South Tulsa Counseling


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Couples therapy is not just for couples in crisis. Whether you find yourself in a challenging season or you are simply seeking to understand your significant other at a deeper level, couples therapy can be an incredible tool. Through couples therapy, we work to identify who you are as individuals and as a couple, establishing goals to help you grow closer. When two individuals are evolving together they become an unstoppable force.

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Although we wish it wasn’t the case, children experience trauma and difficulties long before they reach adulthood. By providing your child with access to professional therapy, you can help them evolve into healthy adults with ease. We work to provide your child with the tools and education they need to understand themselves and the situations in which they find themselves.

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