About Us

Evolution Mental Health Services was founded to facilitate evolution for our team, our clients, our community of mental health professionals, and the greater Tulsa area. We believe in using our skills and training to influence individuals, couples, and families, inspiring them to become who they want to be. Through a variety of treatment modalities, our team works with each client to identify areas they wish to change and work with that goal in mind.


Everything we do at Evolution Mental Health Services is done with our vision in mind. We strive to cultivate a thriving team of mental health professionals who are able to offer high-quality treatment, education, and motivation. We seek to inspire and educate individuals, families, businesses, communities, and mental health professionals throughout Oklahoma.

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Our Core Values

At Evolution Mental Health Services, we remain dedicated to our core values of growth, efficiency, quality, motivation, and freedom. We believe that these are the keys to success in both personal and professional evolution.


We want to continually expand the number of services we can provide and the number of people, we can help while maintaining adherence to our mission, vision, and other core values.


We want to make the most out of the least in order to give the most value to everyone.


We want every service we provide to be the best quality service possible.


We want people to feel good about themselves and their world so they can maintain the motivation they need to continually evolve.


We want to set the least amount of restrictions and promote the maximum amount of autonomy as we can for our team members and our clients while remaining true to our mission, vision, and other core values.


Each member of our team remains committed to our core values as a framework for providing high-quality care for each client. Read more about our team and the areas in which they specialize.


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