Our Core Values: Motivation

Marriage Counseling in South Tulsa

Our Core Values: Motivation


We want people to feel good about themselves and their world so they can maintain the motivation they need to continually evolve.

This core value seems more crucial now than ever before, at least in our lifetimes. We
know that no individual person can change the world. However, one person can change
themselves and positively influence those around them. That’s what we are trying to
achieve with this value.

We firmly believe that every person has strengths and abilities Every person has
positive qualities. This is true even when people are struggling. If this is true of
individual people, it has to be true of the world, because the world is comprised of
individual people. The more we can acknowledge that truth and respond accordingly,
the better we will be.

We continually look for and promote the good in people. Whether it is with a client in an
individual therapy session, online in a social media post, or in an internal meeting with
our team, we want to emphasize and celebrate the good we all have to offer.
This does not mean we ignore negativity. The toxicity and pain people experience are
real and deserve to be addressed. We understand that people come to us because they
are struggling, and in order for us to provide the best services, we have to not only
acknowledge but embrace those struggles to some degree so we can properly
understand and empathize with our clients.

This value is not about minimizing the unpleasant things that occur in life. It is about
empowering and unifying people around the good. We hope that in doing so, we will
help people feel better about themselves, the people around them, and the world in
general so that they can be more motivated to make the positive changes they desire.