Cognitive Distortions- Labeling & Overgeneralizing

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Cognitive Distortions- Labeling & Overgeneralizing

What is Labeling & Overgeneralizing?


Labeling and overgeneralizing is a form of cognitive distortion. Cognitive distortion is a filter our brain creates that increases a person’s anxiety, frustration, anger, and low self worth. Cognitive distortions cause us to not view the world around us or ourselves correctly. Labeling and overgeneralizing are a form of cognitive distortions.


Labeling is when you place a negative label on something, someone, or yourself entirely, over one circumstance that turned out poorly. Example of this would be if you put in for a promotion at work and didn’t get it. This could be for a variety of reasons, but instead of rationalizing those reasons, or moving forward, you label yourself as a loser and pathetic because you didn’t get the job.

Overgeneralizing is when you take an opinion or circumstance and use that as “evidence” to make a decision on how you feel about an entire situation or person. An example of this would be if someone tells you an opinion that they have and you don’t like it. So you generalize that they are a bad or immoral person over that one opinion.

Labeling & Overgeneralizing is Not Good


If you find yourself falling into those mindsets and patterns, it is important to take a closer look at how you view yourself and the people around you. Negative circumstances, words, or opinions shouldn’t dictate who you are and who everyone else is around you. You don’t want to have a negative label for yourself and everyone else. It is important to break free from that mindset and become who you want to be. That is Evolution Mental Healths goal. We want you to have a positive and healthy outlook on life and yourself!


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