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Our mission is to facilitate evolution for our personnel, our clients, the greater Tulsa area, and the treatment community. Our vision is a thriving team of mental health professionals providing high-quality treatment, education, and motivation to individuals, families, treatment professionals, businesses, and community groups all over Oklahoma.


We offer individual, group, couples, children, and family counseling. Services are available in person or online.


We offer drug and alcohol assessments for a variety of purposes including driver’s license reinstatement, legal issues, custody issues, and employment requirements. Assessments are available in person and online.


We provide licensure supervision, continuing education, and consultations for mental health professionals.


We provide counseling services including EAP services; drug and alcohol assessments; education on a variety of mental health and substance use topics; and consultation on how to use psychological approaches to improve performance, outcomes, communication, and teamwork.


Check out our resources to learn more about local businesses and organizations that support mental health, recovery, wellness, and overall growth, development, and success.


Our biggest goal is to help you become the person that you want to be! Our core values are growth, efficiency, quality, motivation, and freedom. Ready to evolve into the best version of you? Contact us today to get started!

South Tulsa Counseling Services

We offer several different types of counseling services.

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Individual therapy is focused solely on you and your personal evolution. In individual therapy sessions, we will work together to help you become the person you want to be. By meeting together without outside distractions, we will be able to dedicate our time and energy to your personal goals. Many new clients find individual therapy to be the least intimidating and most rewarding way to connect.

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Couples therapy is not just for couples in crisis. Whether you find yourself in a challenging season or you are simply seeking to understand your significant other at a deeper level, couples therapy can be an incredible tool. Through couples therapy, we work to identify who you are as individuals and as a couple, establishing goals to help you grow closer. When two individuals are evolving together they become an unstoppable force.

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Although we wish it wasn’t the case, children experience trauma and difficulties long before they reach adulthood. By providing your child with access to professional therapy, you can help them evolve into healthy adults with ease. We work to provide your child with the tools and education they need to understand themselves and the situations in which they find themselves.


At Evolution Mental Health Services, we are proud to provide support and training for Mental Health Professionals. We believe that by educating and inspiring future and present therapists, we can improve the effectiveness of our field. In doing so, we will be able to support more individuals, couples, and families. We offer a variety of services for both current and aspiring mental health professionals. A few of the ways we offer support for our community is through LPC licensure supervision, LADC/CADC licensure supervision, continuing education, and consulting services.


At Evolution Mental Health Services, we believe that a healthy mental state is key to both personal and professional success. Because of this, we offer a variety of corporate mental health services. Through these services, we can help your team succeed in all areas of life. Investing in your employee’s mental health and wellbeing not only ensures that they are able to achieve their goals in their personal life but also paves the way for better workplace performance, optimal outcomes, and quality teamwork.



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