Our Core Values: Efficiency

Family Counseling in South Tulsa

Our Core Values: Efficiency


We want to make the most out of the least in order to give the most value to everyone.

Why spend two years in therapy if you can gain the insights and skills you need in three
months? Why spend 40 hours “on the clock” if you can see a comfortable number of
clients and make enough money in 20 hours? Why drive 30 minutes to an office if an
online session would be just as beneficial? Why maintain a big building if a few
individual offices will provide the space you need?

These are the types of questions we ask ourselves regularly to make sure we are
making the most out of the least. We want our clients to get the treatment they need so
they can manage their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without needing to rely on
us for the indefinite future. To follow the old proverbial saying, we’re teaching people to
fish so they can eat for a lifetime rather than giving them a fish for the day.

We want our therapists and support personnel to live full lives outside of their job.
There’s no need to make them punch a clock and spend 40 hours a week in the office
just because that’s the model everyone is used to. We want our team members to
spend the amount of time they need to spend to do their job and do it well. Beyond that,
they have no further time obligation to the company.

We respect the time, finances, and other resources of everyone involved in our
business from the owner to the team to the clients. We want to spend that time, that
money, and those resources when and where they are truly needed. Anything else is wasteful.