Our Core Values: Freedom

South Tulsa Therapist

Our Core Values: Freedom



We want to set the least amount of restrictions and promote the maximum amount of
autonomy as we can for our team members and our clients while remaining true to our
mission, vision, and other core values.

It’s your life. Who are we to tell you how to live it? Who are we to prescribe values or
convictions? We believe that is not our place. We believe our job is to learn what is
important to you and help you evolve as you desire. How does that look in our daily

For our clients, it means we pursue the goals they set. We make treatment
recommendations based on our training and experience. It is up to the client to follow
those recommendations. We will not ignore or refuse to work with someone who wants
to try a different approach. We will do the best we can to accommodate those wishes. If
we determine that we are not a good fit for someone based on an incompatibility
between their goals and our abilities, we will happily refer them to someone we believe
will better serve them with no animosity on our end.

We also honor the values and belief systems our clients present and try to work within
those frameworks. We want our clients to identify for themselves what is most important
to them for their lives. We want them to set personal goals based on those values. We
believe it is our job to use our knowledge and skill sets to help toward that end.

The only exception to this practice is with regard to safety. If we believe a client is a
threat to themselves or to someone else, we will intervene whether the client wants us
to or not. This is one of the ethical standards we follow, and it is the law of the land.

For our team members, this value means they will not be micromanaged. Different
therapists follow different methodologies and use different techniques based on a
number of factors. We do not believe there is one perfect way to treat all conditions. All
we ask is that our therapists use approaches that are backed by research and in which
they have appropriate training. We want them to be able to explain why they are doing
what they are doing. If they can adequately explain why they are using a particular
approach and demonstrate they have the ability to properly execute their plan, we are

We also want our team members to be free to do their jobs in a way that works best for
them. We do not make people work set schedules. We do not insist that all services
take place in one, centralized location. We do not prohibit our staff from working for
multiple businesses. We want our people to be happy to be working for Evolution
Mental Health Services, and we believe freedom helps them be happy.

All we demand is that our team members operate within the laws that govern us,
maintain the ethical standards put in place by our licensing bodies, and remain true to the mission, vision, and core values of Evolution Mental Health Services.