Day-to-day life can be busy, fast-paced, and non-stop. This go-go-go lifestyle has a huge impact on our mental health. When we lack that downtime to take a breath and just let life slow down for a minute, stress builds up, we grow tired, and we just don’t feel good.

Importance of Meditation/Breathing

Meditation and breathing exercises have the power to change your day immediately. The benefits of meditation include:


  • Finding a new perspective
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Reducing negative reactions and thoughts
  • Maintaining self-awareness


There are several different types of meditation you can practice, as well as many different breathing techniques. Each one is designed to help you stop, slow-down, leave your current mental state, and reset your body.

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The term meditation essentially means achieving a relaxed state of being. Some forms of meditation and breathing exercises include:


  • Guided meditation: using imagery or visualization to find peace and calm down. Form mental pictures of places or situations you find relaxing, use as many senses as possible (smell, sight, sound, texture) to remove yourself from your current situation.
  • Mantra meditation: find a phrase that keeps you calm and simply repeat it to distract you from damaging thoughts or reactions.
  • Deep breathing: take 10 deep breaths, focusing only on breathing in, holding, and letting it all out. This process can slow your heart rate and bring your focus back in.


If you find yourself in a low mood, reacting harshly toward someone, accumulating stressful thoughts, or in the midst of a panic attack, meditation and breathing exercises can help you reset. For many people, that state of our mental health is the result of bottling up our thoughts and emotions. This can result in a blow-up toward someone or even ourselves. When we take the time to breathe, reflect, and settle down through meditation, our mental health can improve significantly.

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