Broken Arrow Couples Therapy

Broken Arrow Couples Therapy

At Evolution Mental Health Services, we believe couples therapy is valuable for every couple, whether you’ve been together for ten months or ten years and whether you’re in crisis or not. Just as the goal of individual therapy is to help you become the healthiest version of yourself possible, the mission of couple’s therapy is to help you and your partner create the healthiest version of your relationship possible.

Throughout the process, you’ll both find out more about who you are as individuals and as a couple and find practical ways to grow closer together.

You, your partner, and your Evolution Mental Health Services therapist will work together to create a vision for your relationship that you can begin pursuing right away. The hope is that, after couples therapy, you’ll feel confident in the strength of your foundation and be able to pursue a healthy, happy future together.

After all, a healthy and fulfilling relationship takes work, so whether you feel stuck, need some help going deeper with your partner, or are facing a challenging time in your life or relationship, there’s no better time to work with a couples therapist.

Benefits of Broken Arrow Couples Therapy

Couples therapy isn’t always easy, but it does pay off. Our therapists’ goals are for you and your partner to walk away feeling closer, more intimate, and capable of tackling and preventing problems in your relationship so you can start working on what’s most important to you.

Here are just a few benefits of couples therapy:


  • It provides support, accountability, and clear steps to follow for both partners.
  • A therapist’s guidance allows the couple to have an open conversation without getting defensive, which can be a challenge in itself.
  • Each member of the couple has a safe space to talk about their feelings and where they need support.
  • Discussions focus on navigating challenges together as partners rather than thinking that someone else needs to change or fix things.
  • The therapist can provide a valuable external perspective and practical steps the couple can take to better the relationship.
  • Both individuals learn more about themselves and how they relate to the other person.

Again, you and your partner will need to commit to putting in the work to make couple’s therapy as effective as possible, but it’s worth it to learn how to grow together. As you embark on this journey, you can also rest easy knowing your Evolution Mental Health Services therapists will be supporting you every step of the way.

Why Pursue Broken Arrow Couples Therapy at Evolution Mental Health Services

Evolution Mental Health Services provides an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and support.

Each of our therapists is committed to our core values of growth, efficiency, quality, motivation, and freedom, and they’ll help you and your partner tap into your strengths, feel understood, and become a more effective team.

Each of our therapists is a Licensed Professional Counselor and brings a unique skillset and approach to the table, allowing you to find a counselor that fits your and your partner’s needs and goals.

If you’re in the Broken Arrow area and are looking for a judgment-free space to discuss your relationship while receiving assistance from an experienced couple’s therapist, book an appointment online or call us today.