Crisis Gives Rise To Opportunity

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Crisis Gives Rise To Opportunity

“With crisis comes opportunity.” – Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo*


We are in the middle of a crisis. A global pandemic is how it’s being described. People are getting sick. Some people are getting really sick. Some people are dying. People are losing their jobs. The economy is tanking. Stores are empty. People are stuck at home unable to see their friends or extended family. Groups are having to meet online or not at all. And no one is completely sure how much worse it could get or how long it could last. Yeah, that definitely sounds like a crisis.


What should we do? We could yell at each other over social media, trying to assign blame or find fault. We could stand on our balconies and sing songs. We could eat too much and drink too much and grow resentful of the people in our homes. We could go for bike rides or walks or have stimulating conversations with the people who matter most. Or we could all just binge watch, The Tiger King.


It’s easy to identify the problems we are facing. They seem to be many. It makes total sense to be sad or angry or scared or cynical right now. But is that how you want to feel? Do you enjoy feeling sad or angry or scared or cynical? If so, great! This is your time to really come alive! If not, it’s probably time to change your perspective.


The world will be a different place when COVID-19 is finally behind us. I don’t think anyone knows exactly how different, but different none the less. Will you be different? Negative experiences can make for excellent opportunities to learn and grow. Don’t like your job? What better time to explore your options and figure out what you would like? Lots of layoffs means lots of hiring once the economy turns the corner. Be prepared to snag one of those jobs you’ve wanted. Don’t like your relationship? You’ve probably got lots of time to work on it now. Spend your time quarantined remembering why you got together in the first place and enjoy each other. Don’t like who you are? Now is the time to redefine yourself. Go back into the world confident and comfortable with who you are.


I know you might be thinking, “You act like changing your life is easy. Trust me. My situation is not that simple.” I know it’s not easy. Big changes never are. Here’s the thing. Suffering isn’t easy either. So you can keep being uncomfortable where you are or you can be uncomfortable en route to where you want to be. The first option ends with no change. The second has unknown potential.


Are you going to let external circumstances dictate how this plays out for you, or are you going to look for the opportunities that will certainly arise out of this crisis?



*Yes, the guy from Narcos. Yes, I know he was a drug trafficker. I argue the statement rings true despite the source.