Who Is Therapy For?

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Who Is Therapy For?

Everyone.  Everyone can benefit from therapy.  More specifically, anyone who wants to improve in any area of life can benefit from therapy.  You want to make sure it’s the right kind of therapy for your situation.  But, yeah, everyone can benefit, because everyone should be trying to grow in some way.  Right?


Now, does everyone NEED intense psychotherapy?  Probably not.  Most people are moving along through life therapy free, and a lot of those people are doing just fine.  Some are excelling even.  So, everyone does not need therapy, but everyone can benefit from the right kind of therapy.


I’m trying clear up a common misconception here.  I think most people think someone has to have a clearly identifiable problem in order to seek therapy.  They have to be severely depressed or be addicted to something or be psychotic or be heading for divorce or whatever.  While all those situations certainly merit a therapeutic intervention, therapy is not only for those people.


You don’t have to have a problem to benefit from therapy.  You can do therapy to maximize your life.  Say you make $50,000 a year, and you want to make $100,000 a year.  Therapy can help with that.  Say you have a decent relationship, but you want beautiful relationship.  Therapy can help with that.  Say there’s some big decision or some existential problem you’re trying to figure out.  Therapy can help with that.  You get the idea.  The benefits of therapy are endless.


I know I’m obviously biased toward the benefits of therapy because I am a therapist.  That’s not the reason I’m posting this though.  Well, okay, at least not the only reason and not the main reason.  The main reason I’m making this argument is that I believe the way we make the world a better place is by growing as individuals first.  So, just as I am trying to improve myself, I want to see others improve.  I want to see people live up to their full potential in every area of life.  I think therapy can help in that process.


Are you trying to improve?  Are you trying to become that person you want to be?  If so, maybe therapy could help.




ADDENDUM:  I’m not just talking about therapy with me.  I’m happy to refer to other therapists when I am not a good fit for the individual or situation.